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Latest For Sale

Price 25.000.000,00 €

Luxury apartment for sale

Germany, Berlin
Welcome to your new home in the penthouse suite of The Charleston, a new 5-star residential ...
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Price 23.000.000,00 €

Gran Alacant Villa

Spain, Costa Blanca, Alicante
La Rotana occupies a beautiful valley in the Northeast of Mallorca, a natural and unspoilt ...
  • 8
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Price 68.000.000,00 €

Sleek & Stylish Comfortbale

United Kingdom, London, Woodberry
This ultra modern renovated apartment is situated right in the heart of Sydney's bustling CBD. ...
  • 4
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Price 1.000.000,00 €

Executive dual level

United Kingdom, London, Cornwall
Lethbridge house is named after Sir Roper Lethbridge who was an academic, a civil servant in ...
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Latest To Rent

Price per week 220,00 €

Casa Valadier

Italy, Rome
This apartment is right in the center of Rome, just minutes by foot from world-renowned sights ...
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Price per week 300,00 €

Barcelona Beach Apartment

Spain, Barcelona
The old farmhouse of "Can Milans" is a 400 year old manor as stated in lintel of the gate built ...
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Price per week 3.000,00 €

Spacious 7 bedroom house

United Kingdom, London, Kensington
Of particular interest is the attractive spa area with swimming pool and steam room, plus the ...
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Price per week 1.000,00 €

Convenient & Spacious Furnished Studio Apartment

United Kingdom, London
Situated on the 7th floor this spacious apartment commands uninterrupted Harbour & city ...
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